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Accounting Manager Recruitment Perth

Accounting Managers play a crucial role in the financial health of a company. They're not just number crunchers; they're financial strategists who oversee the entire accounting department, ensuring that financial records are accurate, tax returns are filed on time, and employees are paid correctly.

But finding the right candidate for this crucial role can be a real challenge. That's where black market comes in. As leading recruiters in Perth, we're here to help you navigate the process of hiring an accounting manager.

What Does an Accounting Manager Do?

An accounting manager handles a variety of tasks, from overseeing financial systems and budgets to ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, all while keeping an eye out for ways to boost the company's financial health.

They work closely with other managers and executives to plan and execute financial goals, analyse accounting data, and produce financial reports. They  also develop and implement systems for collecting, analysing, verifying, and reporting financial information.

An accounting manager‘s day-to-day tasks can include preparing and reviewing financial statements, coordinating budget processes, advising on financial decisions, and implementing best accounting practices.

Struggling To Find the Right Candidate For the Job?

Finding the ideal candidate with the right technical skills and qualifications but also someone who fits into your company culture and can lead a team effectively can be challenging.

Apart from the necessary qualifications, the candidate needs strong leadership skills, an eye for detail, and a solid understanding of accounting principles to succeed in this role.

By clearly defining the role and the skills required, you can streamline your recruitment process and increase your chances of finding the right fit.

black market specialises in finding top-tier accounting managers and provides tailored advice to ensure that your business gets the best possible candidate. With many years of experience and a vast network of top finance professionals, we understand the intricacies involved in locating the best person for the job. We use a combination of our extensive knowledge, resources and advanced technologies like natural language processing, semantic analysis and entity recognition to accurately identify which candidate will be the best fit for the position.

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    Our Recruitment Process

    How we source talent

    At black market, we take a consultative approach to recruitment. Our expert consultants work closely with each client to gain a deep understanding of their needs and preferences, allowing us to create a tailored strategy to identify, attract and assess candidates. This strategy involves using a variety of channels to rapidly identify a wide range of qualified candidates: we use search engine optimization, professional networks, job boards and social media alongside targeted digital marketing and direct headhunting to reach out to potential applicants. 

    We also work hard to keep on top of industry trends and attend relevant conferences, ensuring we always stay ahead of the curve when it comes to attracting the best financial controllers.

    How we build credibility

    black market has established a reputation for delivering reliable, results-focused recruitment solutions. We understand the importance of building credibility with our clients, so we invest heavily in professional development and training for our team. Our accounting manager recruiters have continuously improved their skills and kept up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices. As a result, we are able to exceed the expectations of our clients by consistently delivering outstanding solutions and providing the necessary support throughout the recruitment process. 

    Once we have identified potential candidates, we use a rigorous vetting process to verify their credentials based on years of experience in the industry. We conduct thorough background checks and put them through a series of interviews to assess their technical capabilities and interpersonal skills. We also gather references and testimonials from their previous employers, colleagues and clients. This helps us to build a complete profile of each candidate and determine whether they possess the skills needed for the role.

    Why Choose black market
    Over Traditional Job Sites

    We believe in creating meaningful connections between candidates and companies, considering not just their skills and experience, but also their values, personality, and aspirations.

    Choosing us as your recruiting partner could significantly enhance your chances of finding the ideal candidate that not only possesses the necessary skills and qualifications but also fits in with your company culture. We're a leading recruitment agency in Perth with an extensive network of top accounting manager candidates. 

    As a job seeker, our team is dedicated to understanding your career goals and aligning them with the right opportunities. We provide personalised guidance throughout the recruitment process, ensuring you're well-prepared and confident for every interview. we're not just about placing you in a job, we're about finding the perfect fit for you.


    Does the accounting manager role require any specific certifications or licences?

    Yes, an accounting manager typically needs a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licence or Certified Management Accountant (CMA) certification to be considered for the position. Many companies may prefer a candidate who's gone the extra mile to earn their Master's in Business Administration (MBA). These credentials not only signal a solid educational foundation but also show a commitment to the field.

    What type of work experience is required for an accounting manager position in Perth?

    You'd typically need extensive experience in accounting or finance. This often includes managerial experience, proficiency in accounting software, and a solid understanding of financial regulations and procedures.

    What is a typical salary for an accounting manager in Perth?

    In the bustling city of Perth, you'd be looking at an average salary of around AUD$100,000 to AUD$130,000 per year as the person in charge of finances, depending on your level of experience and the size of the organisation you're working for. This is a highly competitive salary and can even increase with benefits, bonuses, and other incentives.

    What are the growth opportunities for an accounting manager in Perth?

    As an accounting manager, you could advance to roles like Chief Financial Officer or Finance Director. Continued professional development and networking can further enhance your career prospects.

    How is the job market for accounting managers in Perth?

    The job market for accounting managers in Perth is quite competitive. There's a steady demand with many firms valuing experienced professionals. However, it's also rapidly evolving due to technological changes in the field.

    Are there any specific skills or software knowledge that an accounting manager should have?

    Absolutely, as an accounting manager, you'll need skills in financial analysis, budgeting, and strategic planning. Familiarity with accounting software like Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks is also essential. Strong leadership and communication skills are a must.